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About Us – Nova Magnetics, Inc.

Clay Hogan and Glynn Davis established Nova Magnetics, Inc. in 1981. Our corporate office is located in Garland, Texas. Wound magnetics are created and produced in the business’ cutting-edge factory, which is more than 39,000 square feet in size. A 10,000 square foot building on our large campus has enormous potential for future growth and development. Nova Magnetics’ state-of-the-art facility is completely suited to manage all of our clients’ needs, whether dealing with big or little orders. The business also has access to a 21,000 square foot maquiladora, which enables low-cost, high-volume manufacturing. Nova Magnetics takes pride in providing its cherished customers with items of the highest caliber and unparalleled service.

Commitment to Quality

Quality is a primary focus at Nova Magnetics and penetrates every facet of our operations, from management and engineering standards to production, testing, and delivery. Our clientele, who are proud of our incredibly low return rates, can speak to our exceptional quality standards. Our steadfast commitment to quality is evident in our company policy, which states that we are “committed to performing in accordance with the requirements agreed upon between ourselves and our customers and to promoting continual improvement”. Nova Magnetics takes great satisfaction in offering top-notch goods and services to our clients, and we are committed to ongoing development to uphold our stellar reputation.

Leadership and Transition

For 25 years, Matthew Davis was the president of Nova Magnetics. He worked for his father, Glynn Davis, in the company since he was 14 years old, gaining experience in all aspects of production, management, and customer service. Sadly, Matthew passed away in early 2022. Since then, his older brother, Christopher Davis, has taken on the responsibility of becoming the president of Nova Magnetics. Using his background of managing personnel in the medical field for 10 years and serving as 911 dispatch director for Butler County, Kansas for 22 years, Chris has come aboard and quickly adapted his skills to manage the inner workings of Nova Magnetics. Chris has had the support and guidance of the same experienced staff of department directors who assisted Matt Davis in the day-to-day operation of the company.

Experienced Engineering Team

Don McDade, the company’s director of engineering, has more than 30 years of experience. After earning his degree from the University of Texas at Austin, Don started working for Motorola in Scottsdale, Arizona, before working for Varo for a while. He began working for Nova Magnetics in 1991, and ever since then, he has been an essential member of the organization’s engineering team.

Gaspare Fucili, an accomplished engineer at Nova, obtained his engineering education at Giuseppe Armellini, a state industrial technical institute in Rome, Italy. He completed a demanding five-year program, the first three of which were devoted to mechanical and electrical engineering and the last two of which were devoted to electrical engineering. Gaspare relocated to the United States in 1974 after completing his training in 1969, and he worked for Texas Transformers until 2003. He has been a valuable member of the Nova team since 2004.

Engineer consultant Dave Reeves graduated in 1970 from the University of Texas in Arlington. He designed magnetic components for prestigious businesses including Hermetic Seal, Qualitron Labs, and Texas Instruments before joining Nova Magnetics, Inc. in 1988. Dave worked with Nova Magnetics for more than ten years until retiring in December 2001. Despite his retirement, Dave’s important knowledge is still in demand, and he is still accessible to help with difficult assignments. His steadfast dedication to his profession has had a long-lasting effect on the field and the people he worked with.

Unmatched Industry Experience

We at Nova Magnetics have firmly established ourselves as industry leaders thanks to an unmatched quantity of combined experience that exceeds a century. We differentiate ourselves from other companies thanks to our extraordinary depth of knowledge and experience, which has elevated us to the top transformer business in the southwest.

Delivering Customized Solutions

The combined experience of our staff and our unwavering dedication to perfection allow us to successfully complete even the most difficult transformer projects while providing creative, tailored solutions that meet and surpass the needs of our clients. The extensive experience of Nova Magnetics’ team and our confidence in their ability to provide clients with top-notch goods and services have contributed to our success in the market.