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Design Services

The engineers at Nova Magnetics are committed to the highest quality standards in custom-designing wound magnetic components and assemblies. The team can build-to-print specifications and assist clients in determining design requirements for each client’s specific needs, considering various design options to optimize cost-benefit tradeoffs. Our manufacturing facilities produce the highest quality inductors and transformers based on our team’s innovative, field-tested, and proven designs.

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Manufacturing Services

Nova Magnetics is known for its commitment to quality in manufacturing a wide array of custom wound magnetic components and electromechanical devices. 

Whether it’s a dime-size, surface-mount inductor or a 3000 KVA forced air-cooled transformer in a custom enclosure, Nova Magnetics has been delivering industry-leading products since 1981. Primarily serving original equipment manufacturers, Nova Magnetics’ custom products are used for computers, medical devices, communications and entertainment equipment, and instrumentation, among other applications.